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Apple Music: Taylor Swift Believes in a Thing Called Love

Yet another ad for Apple Music is presented by none other than pop music icon Taylor Swift, who dances to “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by the British rock band “The Darkness”. The motto of the ad is “Dance Like No One’s Watching” and Taylor surely delivers. In what looks like her actual home she delivers a hilarious dance performance. If you are looking for the album to the track: The song is found on “Permission To Land“, which is of course available on Apple Music and iTunes.

Taylor Swift spearheading Apple Music’s marketing campaigns

Apple’s initial quarrel with the pop singer appears even more like a marketing stunt after Swift has now established herself as the leading figure of Apple Music marketing campaigns. She had published a critical open letter to Apple regarding the royalty fee structure for music artists featuring their work on the music streaming platform. Apparently the initial criticism has faded completely, as Swift is now the star of the third ad for Apple Music in a row. The first ad had her coming into contact, quite dorkily, with a treadmill and Drake’s rap. Another consisted of Swift performing a song by Jimmy Eat World.

The ad: Dance Like No One’s Watching

Here’s the full one-minute video for you to enjoy:

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