Tom 2016-05-14 5:08 pm
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WhatsApp: Send Documents via Web and Desktop Apps

This past Wednesday, Facebook-owned WhatsApp released a new standalone desktop client for Mac and PC with pretty much identical capabilities to the Web client, aside from support for desktop notifications, a few details and added performance. What’s new is that the web client has gained a feature from WhatsApp’s work on the desktop app. Users can now transfer documents from their PC running Windows/Linux or their Mac via the WhatsApp chat platform.

Earlier versions of the web client merely supported photo transfers and using your camera to capture images for transfer. While it was certainly possible to see that a document was sent in the web app, actually opening the file was restricted to the native app on your phone. Now we can both send and receive documents such as PDF files or word documents via the web app and the new desktop client on a Mac or a PC.