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Siri on the Mac: Leak Shows Siri in Dock and Menu Bar

Apple has been working on integrating Siri into the Mac OS X operating system for several years now, latest reports hint at a release in the very near future with screenshots portraying the virtual assistant in the form of a Dock icon and Notification Center icon. Prior reports had already outlined how Siri might work on the Mac. Given the latest screenshots shared by our colleagues at MacRumors, a reveal of the new feature is likely taking place at WWDC 2016 this summer.

Dock icon showing Siri on Mac OS X

First of all, you’ll probably find Siri in the form of a dock application with an icon that resembles the waveforms we know from iOS. Clicking the icon will bring up the Siri interface waiting for your voice input. The current status of Siri will be displayed in the menu bar, where you can see whether the service is currently available, active or busy.

Of course users won’t be limited to triggering Siri with a button or key combo, but as MacRumors claims, the hands-free “Hey Siri” feature will be available for activation in the system preferences. What’s interesting about this is how such a feature might be colliding with what is available on iOS right now. Apple will or probably already has implemented a way of isolating Siri’s response to a single device. Otherwise all of your iOS devices will answer along with your Mac when activated via the hot-word, which would be as annoying as the omnipresently ringing FaceTime when receiving a call.

Dictation is something we can already do on a Mac, but a full-featured virtual assistant in the form of Siri is a whole different ball game. All of Apple’s other products already offer the natural voice control system – iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, CarPlay and Apple Watch – thus a further integration is inevitably going to take place. We’re already excited to see what this means for interaction with a desktop computer or notebook and how it will enrich our workflow in practice. Hopefully the implementation will be well thought out.