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Get Spotify Cheaper: Family Plan Reduced in Price

Music streaming services are having a rough time in differentiating themselves from the competition, as most of them are simply the same app and service. They stream music, offer around 30 million songs and cost more or less the same amount in a month. While Apple attempts to gain market share through exclusivity, such as Taylor Swift’s catalog, other services focus on playlists, their app UIs and other factors. In an attempt to match Apple Music’s appeal, Spotify is now adding family plans with up to 6 members at an attractive rate of $14.99 or another amount, depending on your location, such as 14.99€ in central Europe.

Spotify attempting to catch up with Apple’s pricing strategy

Spotify now has the upper hand in terms of total cost per person, as it is offering a highly competitive total of 5 accounts for the price of $14.99, while Apple will provide full access to 5 users for the same monthly price via Family Sharing. Apple will only give you five users, but they were also the first to offer this competitive price point. The Swedes had initially offered that each additional account would set you back $5.00 and this of course added up to a larger sum when looking at more than one additional user.

Apple Music: Overall still less expensive than Spotify?

You can get Apple Music for less than what Spotify wants you to pay with a simple trick. Look out for cheap iTunes gift cards which you can find at reduced prices in all sorts of retail locations with up to 30% off. While Spotify subscriptions can also be purchased through the iTunes App Store, the total cost will suffer under the fact that you pay a premium for the competing service.

If you want to give Apple Music a try, check out the free 3 month trial. Spotify also offer a three-month trial for $0.99 on their official website.