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Video Proof: Current iOS Slows Down Older iPhones

A recently released speed test reveals what many of us have been expecting but haven’t had any comfortable opportunity to prove: Older iOS versions run noticeably faster on old iPhones. Or to put it another way: Apple is in fact slowing down your iPhone with successive releases of the mobile operating system. While this comes at no surprise, the video is worth a recommendation due to the production values and interesting comparisons. The makers of the video show everyday tasks such as opening the Camera app or bringing up the virtual assistant Siri. Most of these tasks take longer when running on newer software.

Video proof: Newer iOS slowing down older iPhones

EveryThingApplePro did a great job in highlighting the issue. But why is it that newer versions of iOS are such a drag for older devices? Well, there are all of these new features and effects, for one. If you want to speed up your old iPhone, check out our speed optimization guide for iOS 9 and later.

Some might argue that it is part of Apple’s marketing philosophy, some kind of planned obsolescence through software updates. This conspiracy theory hasn’t been proven however, and it is unlikely that Apple would actively want to make current iPhone owners unhappy, at least as a main goal. Customer satisfaction is still at a peak when looking at polls, but perhaps many of Apple’s clientele upgrade frequently. In comparison to other platforms, the advantages of the iOS ecosystem and Apple’s hardware are still very noticeable. You might not even get the latest version of Android due to how Google has structured the firmware update process with the participating vendors.

Our recommendation: It’s still a good idea to keep your iOS device updated

Due to security reasons and simply due to the fact that you will miss out on awesome features and apps otherwise, we still recommend updating to the latest iOS. Getting the full range of security loophole patches is essential to ensuring your data safety. And many apps only run on a reasonably recent version of iOS, it is simply unrealistic to keep your iPhone on iOS 6 these days. Unless you really only use the phone, iMessage and the Safari browser and a very tiny selection of apps.