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9.7-inch iPad Pro Suffering From Battery Drain Issues

Apple’s smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro is suffering from acute battery drain issues, report users of the new tablet with support for the Apple Pencil. This becomes especially apparent when compared to older iPad models, whose standby power consumption is noticeably less pronounced.

Many users of the new iPad Pro complain of battery problems in the official Apple Support forum. What could be considered normal battery drain for a night in idle mode is somewhere in the low single digit range, or even limited to one or two percent. The new iPad Pro loses a whopping 10 percent of charge in an night with affected users. If left unattended, the expensive tablet loses 25 percent of battery charge after a full day of doing practically nothing with it. When in use, battery drain is at completely normal levels. This suggests a software issue that is only triggered by idling.

Possible causes for the iPad Pro battery drain issue

Some suspect that it might have something to do with the new integrated Apple SIM and excessive contact to the cell network that is happening when idle and in the background. Users report a slightly improved situation when enabling Airplane Mode before setting the tablet aside. Interestingly enough, the issue also affects users with WiFi-only models of the new iPad, thus the Apple SIM theory is somewhat implausible.

Another possible cause might be polling via Bluetooth while connected to the Apple Pencil. This would also explain why Airplane Mode is a viable workaround for the meantime, at least until Apple fixes the acute battery issues.

We suspect that there is some sort of load on the system that shouldn’t be there while idling and that Apple will provide iPad Pro users with a firmware update that addresses the issue.