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iMessage for Android: Unveiling at WWDC 2016?

Now that comes as a definite surprise, in case it turns out to be true: Apple is said to be planning to roll out certain services outside its own walled garden. To be more precise, iMessage is about to come to the Google Android platform. The encrypted chat service previously only known from iPhones, iPads and Macs might come and pay the competition a visit. According to MacDailyNews and their undisclosed sources, the reveal is said to take place at the shortly upcoming WWDC 2016.

Tech website MacDailyNews is claiming the unthinkable: Apple is said to deviate from its walled garden strategy and implement iMessage on the Android platform. According to their sources, the product is to be presented at the world-wide developers conference (WWDC) next Tuesday, when the opening keynote takes place. Apparently, Apple is planning to introduce select services on platforms other than iOS and Mac OS X – perhaps in an attempt to grab some additional market share. Last year, Apple explained that its own music streaming service, Apple Music, would at some point launch on the Android platform. So this would not in fact set a precedent, but continue along a strategic path.

Android users rejoice

Apple’s iMessage could prove to be the preferred mode of communication, should it become available on the Android platform. It offers strong end-to-end encryption, media transfer and comes preinstalled on all iOS and Mac OS X devices. According to the MacDailyNews sources, iMessage for Android should launch at some point in 2016, which would mean that the app should be almost ready for at least a beta by now.