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iOS 10: Dark Mode and RAW Photos

Thanks to Apple’s developer preview of iOS 10, which was made available the day following the WWDC 2016 keynote, we can already check out some of the new features. The next iteration of iOS features many design updates that are visually noticeable. While sticking to the futuristic flat style we have come to love, Apple has further refined interface elements, such as reducing the unlock slider to a prompt to put your finger on the Touch ID sensor for unlocking.

Furthermore, developers have found indications of the inclusion of a so-called “Dark Mode” for iOS, while Apple had only mentioned this interface color scheme for tvOS on the Apple TV. Including a dark mode on iOS would certainly make sense, especially if Apple opts to go for OLED screens in the 2016/2017 iPhones. The darker an OLED screen is, the more energy will be conserved due to the way the lighting works on these types of panels.

RAW photos in iOS 10

What is also great news for iPhone photographers and hobbyists alike, is that Apple will allow you to take pictures in the RAW file format. This means that all of the post-processing that is normally baked into the JPEG files you get out of your iPhone stays editable, allowing for far greater flexibility and end product quality.

This in turn also allows developers to create new and exciting apps for photo editing. Images can be far more dynamic when edited from RAW and HDR photography will also benefit from this as well. We are looking forward to updates for the most popular photo editing apps, such as Pixelmator.