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iOS 10: “Dark Mode” confirmed

Awesome! An iOS developer has unearthed Apple’s already existing “Dark Mode” for iOS 10 in the Xcode simulator. The color mode basically inverts the base colors for the backgrounds of what you see on your iPhone, turning the bright white shades into darker shades that go all the way down to black. This makes the user interface much easier on the eyes, especially when you are using your iPhone late at night or in a dark environment.

iOS 10 “Dark Mode” confirmed via Twitter

OLED screen iPhone would benefit from “Dark Mode”

The fact that Apple is finally including the long-desired “Dark Mode” in iOS 10 could also mean that a long held rumor might be true: An iPhone equipped with an OLED display would benefit most from this mode. The backlighting on OLED displays works in such a way that individual pixels can be lowered in brightness and energy consumption when displaying a dark color. Hence the end result would be that you could enjoy a greater battery life when enabling the darker interface.