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iPhone 7 Design: Largely Unchanged

The iPhone 7 is said to be very similar in terms of design when compared to its predecessors. Here’s what we expect this fall. There will be a reduction in thickness and a few smaller changes when it comes to the details of the design. ButĀ overall, we can expect the look of an iPhone 6s.

The two latest iPhone generations will probably be hard to distinguish on the street. Analysts speculate that the speaker hole on the front of the device will be slightly bigger. Furthermore, our colleagues at Macotakara expect a slightly larger ambient light sensor that has potentially been split up into two smaller sensors. This should improve the sensor accuracy. The distance sensor gets a new place. And the camera of the upcoming iPhone 7 will be a little bigger due to the lens system improvements. As mentioned before, the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to boast a dual lense setup in a different form factor.

iPhone 7 design warrants new cases and accessories

Due to the slight but definitely present design changes, you can expect to sell your iPhone 6 or 6s case along with your old iPhone, because new cases and accessories will have to be made for the different measurements.

iPhone 7 release date: Fall 2016

There is no formal release date for the iPhone 7, at least none that is known to the general public. Apple will surely have a release date for the next iPhone in terms of internal arrangements, while stockpiles of the new device are already being produced. All we can currently say with confidence, is that the iPhone 7 will be sold this fall. Most probably in September when presented at Apple’s next keynote, with an offset of 7 days after the presentation.