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iPhone 7: Petition Against Headphone Jack Omission

To some it may seem like a bigger issue than climate change: Users are now petitioning Apple to omit their plans to omit the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. Jokes aside, the petition might be coming in a tad too late for Apple to do anything about it. The new device has been in production for a while now and the stakes are too high to make such modifications to the design. Over 300.000 users voted for Apple to keep the legacy port in the next iteration of the iPhone.

3.5 mm headphone jack: users are concerned for the environment

Omitting the headphone jack would not only bother its fans and make a lot of accessories incompatible, but also present an impact on the environment, say the petitioners. But their argument is at least in part flawed: Apple will most likely provide an adapter that allows you to use existing audio gear with the new device. Only the accessories that depend upon the exact shape of the case would be made obsolete, but that could also happen with Apple changing the form factor, which was bound to happen at some point. Rigid docking stations and the like have a relatively short shelf life.

iPhone 7 will be released this fall, most likely without a headphone jack

Even if the petition should amount to a million people: Apple won’t react to it. The number of users is simply too miniscule compared to the sales figures of the iPhone. Seen in proportion, the ones that are complaining are a vocal minority at best and an irrelevant group at worst. There are approximately ten weeks left until the launch, which means that the leaks of the past few months will stay accurate as the design is not going to be changed anymore.