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“Do you still listen?” Apple is interrupting Apple Music

Several users reported that Apple is interrupting the music stream of Apple Music after a while. After 4 hours of playing, the stream will be interrupted by a pop-up that needs to be confirmed to continue streaming. The reason is – obviously – that Apple wants to reduce the royalty payments it has to pay to the rights owner for streaming music to its customers. An official statement has not been released. Users that listen to a playlist with a duration more than 4 hours or enjoy listening iTunes Radio all day will be confronted with the pop up.

Apple is not alone…

Other services like Netflix interrupt continuous streams in the same way. If you start streaming a complete season of a TV show, Netflix will indeed prompt you after 4 hours of play. The video streaming platform asks, if you still watch your TV show or left it playing by mistake. While this prevents you from marking the whole season as “seen” within Netflix, the advantage for users in Apple Music isn’t clear. Especially when you stream music in the background, the interruption after 4 hours can be annoying.

Image: TNW