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iPhone 7 Features And Functions – An Overview Of The New Apple Smartphone

Finally the iPhone 7 has been revealed by Apple and it comes with a lot of new features and functions, even though the renowned design of the iPhone 7 would suggest otherwise. As always the iPhone 7 keynote was loaded with information so in this article we sum it all up for you into one big overview of everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone 7 smartphone.

iPhone 7 Release Dates & iPhone 7 Prices

Preorders for the iPhone 7 already start September 9th and the first devices will be shipped on September 16th. The smaller 4,7 inches iPhone 7 starts at $649 for the 32 GB version, $749 for the 128 GB version and $849 for the 256 GB version. The larger iPhone 7 Plus with a screen size of 5,5 inches starts at $769 for the 32 GB version, $869 for the 128 GB version and $969 for the 256 GB version. If you want to order the iPhone 7 in the new “Jet Black” color you can only choose between the 128 GB and the 256 GB version.

Design And Color Options

As expected not much has changed when it comes to the design of the iPhone 7 and it looks pretty much just like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. So if you were hoping for a complete design change you will be disappointed. But there have been a few design changes nonetheless.

The antenna lines have been moved to the upper  respectively the lower border and do not run across the back of the device anymore, which many users saw as a design flaw. As rumours suggested the headphone jack has been removed completely and you now plug in your headphones via the lightning connector. Each iPhone 7 is shipped with the new headphones with a lightning connector as well as an adapter from lightning to headphone jack.

Apple did introduce two new colors to the new iPhone 7 line. The new “Jet Black” is a highly glossy noble color which brings a lot of shine to your iPhone. For those of you who are scared of too many fingerprints Apple also introduced the regular “Black” color which is not glossy and shiny but matt. Other than those two black colors you can still choose from Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Display, Sizes And Weight

The display sizes on the new iPhone 7 remained the same with a 4,7 inch display for the iPhone 7 and a 5,5, inch display for the iPhone 7 Plus. Both HD Retina Displays of course also include the 3D Touch feature and Apple says the new display will be 25% brighter than their predecessors. Also the sizes of the iPhone itself did not change compared to the iPhone 6s, but with a weight of 4.87 ounces (138 grams) the iPhoen 7 is slightly lighter than the iPhone 6s. The same goes for the iPhone 7 Plus with 6.63 ounces (188 grams) it is slightly lighter as the iPhones 6 Plus.

Processor And Battery

The iPhone 7 is equipped with the new “A10 Fusion” 64 bit Processor. Regarding to Apple with 40% more power than the A9-Chip (iPhone 6s) it is the “fastest chip on the smartphone market” and twice as fast as the old A8-Chip (iPhone 6). A fun fact: the new A10 Fusion processor is 120 times faster than the very first iPhone chip.
The graphic chip has also been improved by Apple and the new iPhone 7 is supposed to have twice as fast graphic power than the iPhone 6s and three times as fast as the iPhone 6.

But the higher performance power also requires a lot of battery power and Apple promises that the new iPhone 7 has a battery power like no other iPhone before it. The new energy saving processor gives the iPhone 7 a complete 2 hours of longer battery life than the iPhone 6s.


The biggest changes for the camera has been made for the iPhone 7 Plus which now includes a 12-Megapixels-Dual-Camera. As the name suggests you have two lenses included into one camera which will give you a whole new set of possibilities. You now have a 2x optial zoom as well as a 10x digital zoom and the quality of the images will still remain incredible. The dual camera will only be included for the new iPhone 7 Plus version.

But the smaller iPhone 7 camera has also been improved. The 12 megapixels camera now includes a six element lens with ƒ/1.8 aperture which will make a lot better images especially in bad lighting situations. The new camera also include an optical image stabilisation and comes with a new 4x LED True Tone Flash which creates a 50% brighter flash. The front facing FacetTime camera for the iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 7 Plus has a resolution of 7 megapixels.

Lightning-Headphones, Wireless AirPods & Stereo-Speakers

As expceted the 3.5 headphone jack was removed completely and you now connect your headphones via the lightning connector. The new Lightning-Earpods will be included with every iPhone 7. If you still want to use your old 3.5 headphones Apple also includes an adapter with every iPhone 7.

If you do not like cable at all Apple has you covered. The newly introduced Wireless AirPods will let you listen to your music and control your iPhone via Siri completely cable free. Unfortunately they are not included with the iPhone 7 and cost an extra $159.

For the first time the iPhone 7 includes a stereo-speaker-system as you might already know it from your iPad Pro.The new stereo speakers are also supposed to be twice as loud as the older iPhone 6s speakers.

Improved Home Button

The Home Button has also been improved by Apple for the iPhone 7 and now has a faster reaction time and also includes a new “Taptic Engine” which will give you a tactile feedback when you press it. You can even adjust the feedback to your needs. It is kind of similar to the 3D Touch that we know from the touch display.


Many rumours suggested it, and the new iPhone 7 is indeed waterproof at least to some degree. As defined by the international certification standard iP67 the new iPhone 7 can survive under water for a certain amount of time without being damaged. But it is not made for longer and deeper under water experiences. Besides being waterproof the iPhone 7 is also dust resistent.

Memory Sizes

The capacity of the new iPhone 7 starts at 32 GB for the smallest version instead of 16 GB as it used to be with the iPhone 6s. The medium iPhone 7 which used to be a 64 GB version has also been upgraded to 128 GB of memory space. And the largest memory size will be 256 Gigabyte. These are also the available sizes for the iPhone 7 Plus. Be aware that the new Jet Black colored iPhone 7 is only available as a 128 GB and 256 GB version.

iOS 10

As always Apple also introduced a new iOS update. The new iOS 10 will be released on September 13th and will bring a lot of new features and functions to your iPhone. Apple calls it “the biggest iOS release so far”. Third party apps will be able to include Siri, iMessage comes with a lot of new design and chat features to make writing messages even more fun and creative and the HomeKit-App will let you control your home from your iPhone 7 just to name a few features.

If you want to find out about all the new features of iOS 10 we suggest you browse through our other iOS 10 articles.

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