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Flickr: iPhone Has Most Popular Camera Again

iPhone users by far have taken and uploaded the most pictures to the online platform flickr in this year. Like the previous years, Apple can enjoy an excellent reputation. Of course it becomes handy that an iPhone fits into a pocket, so that is always available for snapshots. In this case the premium smartphone outclasses the camera producers Canon and Nikon, especially because the photo quality is absolutely sufficient for most purposes. The lately introduced iPhone 7 Plus could actually boost this trend again with its dual lense.

Flickr: Platform dominated by iPhone

With the new Portrait mode of iOS 10.1, iPhone 7 Plus photographers can adjust the depth of focus more flexible. No other smartphone camera on the market is able to do this. So it could certainly happen that the 47% “market share” of this year will be beat in 2017. Canon may have to be content with less than 24% in future and Nikon with less than 18%. For the people that did not counted: Apple’s iPhone has taken more pictures than both of the camera producers together (42%). 2015 iPhone only reached a share of 42% of the uploaded pictures.

Considering this success story, it isn’t a miracle that Apple focuses on the improvement of the camera quality with every new iPhone release.

This year the iPhone 7 got the optical picture stabilizer of the iPhone 6s Plus. Then the iPhone 7 Plus came with a dual camera (dual lense) that enables to an outstanding zoom and dynamic depth of focus (Bokeh).