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Apple Music Reaches 20 Million Subscribers

More than 20 million people are subscribed to Apple‘s music service now. Therefore, Apple gained over 3 million new paying customers since September. The person that is in charge of Apple Music’s content – Eddy Cue – tells Billboard (an music magazine) that Rap music is the most popular genre. In this area is Apple definitely the No. 1. Cue was always in the opinion that Rap music has been underrepresented in the charts.

We’ve always thought that hip-hop was underrepresented both in iTunes and in the streaming chart. And more people listen to hip-hop now than ever before so we’ve done a lot of work in that area. – Eddy Cue

Apple Music kills iTunes Store

Within the interview Cue reveals details about the consumer behavior of their subscribers. Accordingly 60% of the Apple Music customers have not purchased or loaded anything in the iTunes Store over the last 12 months. Hence, Apple Music is a big factor in compensating the big loss of music sales. An interesting question will stick though: How long will Apple keep selling music at all?

The market leader Spotify released its subscribers figure in September. The Swedish top end business counted astonishing 40 million paying customers. Unlike Apple Music, Spotify offers a free, but ads-financed subscription as well. Apple only offers a free 3-months-long test version. If you are in the UK, you can benefit from EE and get a 6-months-long free Apple Music account.