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Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan Started

The worldwide biggest online trader Amazon now offers its music service for families. Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan allows up to 6 people to use the streaming service together. Every user has its own account, so that suggestions and libraries do not mix up. Only the billing goes to one person – the “family head”. This is only one of the many similarities that Amazon Music and Apple Music have. The prize is also very similar to Apples streaming service.

Amazon Music Unlimited Family: Annual subscription is cheaper

The service is about USD 15 per month. It allows you to stream around 40 million music titles. If you are Amazon Prime member, you can save money by purchasing the annual subscription. That’s USD 149 per year. So you would get 2 months of service for free. It could be worth it, if you are Amazon Prime member anyways. If you want to test this relatively new music service, you can do so for 30 days.

The music offering “Prime Music”, which is part of Amazon Prime keeps existing next to this bigger supply. So in the end it depends on you, if the 2 million songs that Prime Music offers are enough for you, or if you want to upgrade to Amazon Unlimited or Amazon Unlimited Family.