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Faster & Farther – The New Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has determined the specs for Bluetooth 5 and validated them, so that hardware developers can build new chips with suitable modules. But which improvements does this revised standard show in the end?

In comparison to the current Bluetooth 4.2, the new Bluetooth 5 will have a wider operating range and a much better data throughput. The wireless signal is supposed to reach 4 times farther. This way the whole technology becomes even more mobile and wireless applications more handy.

Bluetooth 5: More Speed

The speed of transferring data has been increased as well. The data exchange between devices or applications is up to 2 times faster. According to the speed and range improvements, Bluetooth 5.0 prospectively could be used as the new standard for ad hoc indoor networks and wireless applications in offices. The limited operating range of earlier Bluetooth versions made this impossible in the past.

“This means whole-home and building coverage, as well as new use cases for outdoor, industrial, and commercial applications will be a reality. With the launch of Bluetooth 5, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of IoT developers and consumers while staying true to what Bluetooth is at its core: the global wireless standard for simple, secure, connectivity.” – Press announcement of Bluetooth SIG

With this farewell of the old standard, the starting signal for hardware producers is ringing. Now they can build gadgets and accessory items that are capable with Bluetooth 5. You can expect the first products to be on the market in around 2-6 months. However, it can take years to enforce Bluetooth 5 as the new standard widely. That’s not a problem though, because Bluetooth has a downward compatibility that allows older gadgets to communicate with devices that work on Bluetooth 5.