Natalie 2017-03-08 2:11 pm
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Photos of a Red iPhone 7 Appeared

Apple recently introduced the new color Jet Black with the release of the iPhone 7, which enjoys great popularity. Just shortly after the release the Jet Black colored iPhone was sold out for weeks. Within the past days rumors about a supposedly red iPhone have been increased. Even the first photos appeared, which show a red iPhone 7.

Even though the photo is relatively blurry, you can still recognize an iPhone 7 in a dark red color. It’s not clear yet, if this red iPhone actually will be presented by Apple. There is no official confirmation from Apple’s side. The authenticity of the photo is also not confirmed yet, especially because the source of the image is not clarified yet.

We made the effort and designed a high-quality mockup of a red iPhone 7 to show you, that a red iPhone definitely could look pretty. We called the new color “Ruby Red”. We would love, if Apple brings a variation into the color palette of the iPhone this year again, so that they present a fifth color besides the existing Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and Jet Black.

Apple’s (PRODUCT) RED Series could indicate a reason to introduce the red iPhone. For the RED Series campaign Apple releases certain products like headphones, iPods or even apps in a red color. A certain amount of the profit of the red products goes to a HIV and AIDS foundation in Africa. Therefore, it could be possible that the new red iPhone 7 extends the RED portfolio.