Natalie 2017-03-30 2:55 am
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Now Donald Trump Tweets On iPhone

At one time in his campaign, US president Donald Trump groused about Apple. Now the allegedly most powerful man in the world uses an iPhone. Dan Scavio Jr., social media director of the White House confirms on Twitter that Trump lately is using an iPhone for tweeting: “@POTUS @realDonaldTrump has been using his new iPhone for the past couple of weeks here on Twitter. Yes, it is #POTUS45 reading & tweeting!“ That’s for sure no fake news.

While his campaign team was using an iPhone to tweet over the last months, Trump was still using an old Samsung Galaxy S3 as press photos verify. The smartphone didn’t comply with the latest safety requirements, but Trump kept tweeting with the insecure hardware. His call for the boycott of Apple products in his campaign may have been a reason for it. The Californians didn’t want to build in a backdoor to be able hacking an iPhone of a terrorist. By the way, Barack Obama also had to say goodbye to his Blackberry and had to use the official office iPhone. It was so secure that he couldn’t even send SMS anymore.

It’s still not clear, what type of iPhone Trump is using to diligently tweet. But we know how his Home Screen would look like though ;) :