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iPhone X Leak – For Those Who Can’t Wait Until 10 a.m.

Those of you who want to be surprised while watching Apple’s keynote today at 10 a.m. PDT should stop reading right now since a recent software leak reveals secret information about the new iPhone. According to “9to5Mac” and ” MacRumors” the new iPhone will be named iPhone X. One of the biggest changes will be the replacement of the old Touch ID with a new 3D camera controlled Face ID as well as the ability to charge the iPhone wirelessly.

The reason for this flood of information is the early release of the Golden Master, the final version of iOS 11 which is already prepared for the new iPhone and said to be released within the next week. It confirms several rumors such as the home button being removed in favor of an edge-to-edge OLED display as well as the ability to record videos in 4k resolution.

Introducing Animojis on iPhone X

The introduction of Animoji – 3D animated emoji characters that mirror the user’s facial expressions – is one of the unexpected new features:

Introducing FAce ID on iPhone X

Primarily acting as a replacement for the old Touch ID fingerprint system to unlock your phone, Face ID can also be used to make online purchases from Apple. This video shows the setup process:

Alongside some visual changes already included in earlier iOS 11 beta versions the new iPhone X will most likely feature a new loading animation which can i.e. be seen while loading a YouTube video: the long-known circle is replaced by a new progress bar in the upper right corner of the iPhone: