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iOS 11.0.1: First Update Fixes Compatibility Issues

One week after the nearly trouble-free release of iOS 11, Apple brings out the first update – iOS 11.0.1. The lack of any recognizable changes leads to the suggestion that the update only fixes smaller issues. Don’t see the update yet? Maybe you are still taking part in the public or developers beta program. To update you will need to delete your beta profile under Settings – General – Profiles.

Better compatibility with Microsoft Applications

From Apple’s official support document we can learn that compatibility problems with Outlook.com, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange occurring with iOS 11 for the first time were fixed. Those of you who had problems with those programs will probably be happy about the update. In case you discuss the update with your colleagues and wonder why you downloaded a different Build: Don’t worry! iPhone 8 users are getting a different Build than the other iPhone users. If you download iOS 11.0.1 on iPhone 8 you will get Build 15A403 instead of 15A402 like the others.