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New iOS 11 Bug Crashes All Messenger Apps – Possible Solutions

Seems a little like groundhog day as again a bug crashes iPhones with iOS 11. There was a bug targeting iMesssage just a short while ago. This time a character from an indian language crashes the iPhone and specfically most messenger apps, including third-party apps. But there are two possible solutions if you received a message with the bug or want to stay n the safe side.

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Indian Character crashes messenger apps

Shortly after Apple announced to concentrate on strengthening the security and stability of iOS 11 an Italian blog spotted a new bug. The irony behind this course of events seems almost tragic. The Verge stated in an article that a character from an Indian language crashes messager apps like iMessage, but also third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook and Gmail. They were also able to reproduce the bug on numerous iPhones running on iOS 11.2.5.

The crash is triggered by a message containing a certain character from an Indian language, called Telugu. Receiving a message with the specific character is enough to crash the iPhone, even if the message isn’t opened. Upon receiving a message – for example via iMessage – and you try to open the app, your iPhone restarts. Afterwards the app can no longer be opened as it cannot process the character.
The Twitter user Tom Warren posted a video showing the result of the bug.

Option 1 – New Text

If iMessage has been affected by the bug there is one fairly easy solution to the problem. Just ask a friend to send a text with anything but the character. Open the message and delete the thread containing the troublesome character. Now the problem should be solved, until the bug is sent again.
Sadly this only works on iMessage, not on other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook or Gmail. So far there is no easy solution for third-party apps, but we will keep you informed once there is a new way.

Option 2 – Update to iOS 11.3

If any of your third-party apps are affected by the bug or you would like to be on the safe side just install the Public Beta iOS 11.3.
If you are not registered with a developer account you can become part of the Public Beta Program. You can register your device on the Apple Beta Software Program page, test updates and help Apple become even better.