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iOS 11.2.6 Update – Apple Fixes Messenger Bug And More

Apple reacted quickly to the news about messenger bug using a character from an Indian language and just released the iOS 11.2.6 update. But the update does more than just fix the bug that attacked messenger apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others.

Apple fixes Telugu bug

Apple kept its’ promise and worked on a quick release to fix the problem with the character from the Indian language Telugu, which became public at the end of last week. The Telugu bug attacked Apples iMessage but also third party-apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We already published an article providing temporary fixes to the problem and now Apple provided a permanent solution with iOS 11.2.6. The Public Beat version of iOS 11.3 was also already without the mentioned problem.
The update notice by apple said:

In addition to fixing the bug the changelog also lists another update and bug fix. The update also fixes issues where third-party apps failed to connect to external devices but does not lists which devices or accessories had the connection issue. iOS 11.2.5 did have problems with connecting to the Ford Entertainment System.