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Apple Health Now With Medical Records

The Apple Health app is mostly used to collect and combine data from apps, fitness trackers, like Apple Watch and everyday movement in Apple HealthKit to evaluate the users’ personal health and overall fitness. But now Apple wants to offer services even more true to the application’s name. Apple Health now adds medical records from clinics and doctors.

How does Apple Health Records work?

Apple has been working on an easy solution to bring health records to the iPhone for a while now. Up till now patients needed to check the websites and databases of their medical provider and combine all the data manually. This process took a long time and was overly complicated so Apple worked closely with medical providers and clinics to devise an easier more patient friendly way to check mediacal data.
So far Apple is running a beta test with the iOS 11.3 update on their new srvice and currently working with a dozen clinics all over the United States like John Hopkins, Penn Medicine and Cedars-Sinai.

How safe is my Apple Health data?

The idea is inspired by checking your bank statements so that you can check your medical records anytime you want. The data will be sent by participating medical providers directly to the iPhone. There the encrypted data is stored locally and will therefore not be seen by Apple. There is, however an option to share the medical data and this choice is up to the user.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO, emphasized the wish to empower patients by giving them more access to their data and thereby helping them understand their health better. Patients will be enabled to lead a better life and make healthier choices especially by making information on cholesterol, immunizations and medication as well as info on procedures available.

You can already store personal health data for emergencies in Apple Health by setting up a Medical ID and entering information manually to Apple Health. If you want to learn more about the Apple Health benefits for your daily life check out our article.