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New Siri Bug Reveals iOS 11 Security Issues – How To Protect

In the last few weeks Apple repeatedly had issues with iOS 11 bugs like the iMessage bug or the source code leak in February. The most recent issue concerns Siri. Siri reads hidden messages by third-party apps on some iPhones and thereby causes privacy issues. These hidden messages should normally only be visible once you unlock your iPhone.

Privacy Issue: Siri exposes hidden messages

iOS 11 introduced the possibility to hide the notifications on your lock screen. When you enable this feature, your notifications and therefore also messages are only visible once you unlock your iPhone. However Siri reads out exactly these messages.

This bug enables other parties to gain access to private messages on your iPhone that should normally be hidden. So far Siri can not distinguish between different voices and recognize the particular iPhone owner so that Siri just reacts to their voice. This causes Siri to read out the notifications to anyone asking. The bug affects only third-party apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messenge. Apple’s iMessage and other Apple apps are not affected.

Protect against Siri bug

The security breach can be detected on iPhones running on iOS 11.2.6 as well as devices running on the 11.3 beta version. If your iPhone is affected by the bug and you want to protect your privacy you just need to update some Settings. In your Settings go to Siri & Search and alter your Siri-Settings.
As of now this is the only way to protect against access to your private messages.

Settings → Siri & Search → Allow Siri When Locked (deactivate)