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iOS 11.3 Update Released – New Features

Apple just released the iOS 11.3 update with a number of useful, handy and very cool features. It can be considered one of the most extensive updates for the iPhone yet. The update includes a new battery health feature, as well as new Animojis for iPhone X, features for ARKit as well as bug fixes.

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Install iOS 11.3 Update

Settings → General → Software Update

You can install the iOS Update by going to the “Settings” on your iPhone. Then go to “General” and there tap on “Software Update”. Before starting the update, check your remaining battery. It should at least have 70% or more left, even better connect it to a power source. We also recommend a backup before starting the update.

An update to iOS 11.3 breaks a previously done jailbreak!

Battery Health

The new battery features are probably the most interesting for most iPhone users. iOS 11.3 not only shows battery health, but also when your battery needs to be serviced. Additinally, you can switch the power management feature on and off if needed. This feature manages battery usage dynamically and was introduced with iOS 10.2.1. These features are expected to enhance battery life as well as battery health.

Data & Privacy

iOS 11.3 also introduces more detailed features concerning data and privacy. These are supposed to improve transparency. The feature enables users to better understand how their data may be used.

Augmented Reality

iOS 11.3 offers improved features for ARKit. Apps can now also scan the walls and doors to place AR objects to offer more AR experiences. The enhanced scanning skills also recognize posters, signs and artwork. These real-world objects can be integrated in the AR experience.
The camera now has a 50 percent higher resolution and can depict objects more clearly and supports auto-focus.

New Animojis

Animojis have developed a huge fan base so Apple added four new animojis for every iPhone X user. iPhone X users can now use a dragon, lion, bear or skull to send personalized animoji messages.

Health Records

The Health Records feature supports patients in managing their health records and keeping track of their medical data. Learn more about Health Rcords in our detailed article.

Additional Features

Apple also lists numerous additional features on their website like:

  1. Apple Music streaming without commercial breaks
  2. New Video categories like “For You” and “Top Stories”
  3. Commuters in Bejing and Shanghai can use Apple Pay to buy tickets for the Metro and the Bus.
  4. Support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML) for automatic location tracking during emergency calls