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Apple GiveBack – Trade Old Devices For A Gift Card

You can now trade your an old device in for a gift card and use the gift card to buy a new Apple device with Apple GiveBack. Even if the device is not eligible for Trade-In Apple will recycle the device for free. The value of the Apple GiveBack gift card depends on the device you want to trade and its condition.

How does Apple GiveBack work?

You can either take your device to an Apple Store near you or mail it to Apple. If you want to mail it, Apple provides a shipping label so it reaches the correct destination. Once the device has been checked, is eligible for Apple Trade-In and your personal data has been deleted, you will receive the gift card. Depending on the condition of the device, it may either be given to another user or be recycled.

If you want to mail your device to Apple, you might want to reset it to factory settings. Learn how to restore your device.

Which devices are eligible?

The following devices are eligible for Trade-In and will result in a gift card, depending manufacturer and condition:

  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart watches

Other devices like head phones, mass storage devices or the iPod may also be sent in and will most likely be recycled.
You can check your devices for eligibility here.