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How To Activate iPhone Flash For Notifications

There are many types of Notifications for appointments, calls or messages like sounds, vibration, banners and Pop-ups. But some are annoyed by the vibration as well as sounds or you may not be able to hear either over the surrounding sounds. Activate the iPhone flash for Notificcations, this alarm is completly silent, but still catches your eye.

Activate LED Flash for Alerts

Settings → General → Accessibility → LED Flash for Alerts [activate]

This settings is specialized for people with hearing impairments or who are working in a noisy environment. Therefore you have to opne the “Settings” go to “General” and then you will find the setting for flash iPhone Notifications under “Accessibility”.

Just scroll down to the secation labeled “Hearing” and activate the toggle next to “LED Flash for Alerts”.

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As soon as you activate the setting your iPhone will start flashing in a certain rhythm to alert you to ingoing calls. This is quite handy for loud working environments or in the library, where even lowkey vibration gets on everyones nerves. In these cases it’s the smarter choice to use the iPhone flash for notifications.