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How to Hide Photos on iPhone

We take a lot of photographs with our iPhones, some of them are not ideal for all audiences. This is a guide on how to hide photos on iPhone and increase your privacy, for example when passing around your iPhone and showing images to friends. Not everything you store on your iPhone is free of potential embarrassment, consequently it is rather nice to be able to filter things a bit. The images we will hide using this guide will not appear in the overview of the “Photos” app and thusly be hidden from prying eyes or accidental displays.

Apple is pretty big on privacy and features pertaining to upholding your personal sphere of privacy. You can configure aspects such as the Location Services to your liking and make sure that only necessary information is tracked. But what about pictures you take with your camera? There is a handy feature that allows us to hide individual images and still be able to view them. This also works for screenshots or any kind of media that is stored in your “Photos” app. Here’s how to go about it:

Hiding photos on your iPhone

Photos > Tap Photo > Press and Hold > Hide

Open up your “Photos” app and navigate to the picture in question. Tap it to view the full view of the photo. Now press and hold anywhere on the photo to bring up the context menu. You can now select to “Hide” the image from the overview. To reverse the action, simply press and hold again and select “Unhide”.

Viewing hidden photos on iPhone

Photos > Albums > Hidden

After hiding the image, you will still be able to view it yourself. Go to the “Albums” tab and you will find a special kind of folder named “Hidden” that holds all of your hidden images. Note that other people are going to be able to access this folder as well, if they are inclined to do so. Therefore, the hiding of photos on iOS is only superficial and protects you on a very basic level. Nevertheless, this should suffice for most purposes of having a presentation or showing your newest vacation pics to your friends without the odd embarrassing moment in between.