Top Mistakes iPhone Users Make

top-mistakes-iPhone-users-makeWhen handling your iPhone, mistakes can happen. We’re all only human, after all. Here are the top mistakes iPhone users make, both new iPhone owners and the veterans. Common misconceptions regarding iPhone usage can shorten the lifespan of your device, especially the information with reference to correct charging and discharging of the iPhone battery is often conflicting. Let’s clear this up, shall we?

Mistake No. 1: Not letting the juice flow

It is a good idea to, once in a month or so, fully discharge and recharge your iPhone. Just let the battery run dry until the iPhone shuts itself down for battery protection purposes. Then connect it to your wall charger and let it charge until full. Do not use the iPhone while it is charging. This will not only keep your battery statistics accurate, but also increase the lifespan of the battery. Only do it once a month (less is more) and keep your charging habits adjusted to the next tip.


Mistake No. 2: Stressing the battery

It is a good idea to shut your iPhone down while charging, at least from time to time. Usage while charging is always a strain on the battery and the logic board’s electrical components. Instead of charging to 100% every time, try going to 80% of your battery’s capacity at max and see if you can get through a day on that charge. That usually means not charging it over night, but rather during the day when you’re at your desk. Staying between 20% and 80% of charge is a great strategy to keep the battery happy, as the extremes tend to compromise the cell stability a little earlier. Coupled with our earlier tip, you can even increase the capacity of your battery over time.

Mistake No. 3: Freezing or overheating the iPhone

Don’t let your iPhone be barbecued by the Californian afternoon sun by leaving it in the car unattended. Aside from being a potential fire hazard at extreme temperatures, the iPhone battery doesn’t like the hottest and coldest environments. Keep your iPhone snug and close to your body when skiing or snowboarding.

Mistake No. 4: Deep-discharging your iPhone

When storing your iPhone, make sure it has approximately 70% to 80% of charge before shutting it down and putting it away for a longer period of time. If your iPhone went dead because of a discharged battery, charge it as soon as possible. Leaving your iPhone at 0% of charge will continuously and irreparably reduce your battery capacity and thus maximum battery life.

Mistake No. 5: The more radios, the better

If you aren’t using Bluetooth or WiFi, feel free to switch those features off in your Control Center. This will help to conserve energy and extend the battery life of your iPhone by reducing the power output needed to keep all those features going. Setting your screen brightness to somewhere below the maximum is also recommended. See our handy guide on managing the Control Center features.

Mistake No. 6: Germs on your iPhone

Admittedly, having internet access in the bathroom is a marvelous luxury that technology has afforded us. But did you know that smartphones are often times tested positively for e. coli bacteria? Yuck! Be sure to take a disinfectant or alcohol wipe to your iPhone screen and buttons, every once in a while.