How To Enable WhatsApp Free Voice Calling on iPhone

WhatsApp Call: Free Voice Calls on iPhoneDid you know that WhatsApp allows you to place free voice calls using the “WhatsApp Call” feature? You can call your friends via the web, free of charge and even when you are on a mobile network. As long as you have a data connection and both of you are using WhatsApp, you can now place free voice calls on iPhone using this feature. Your contact can be using anything from an iPhone to an Android or a BlackBerry 10 to be reachable for your WhatsApp calls.

This is a tutorial on how to make and receive free calls using WhatsApp Call on an iPhone.

How to call using WhatsApp Call

WhatsApp → Chats → Phone icon

Tap “Chats” at the bottom of the screen and open up a chat window to one of your contacts, by tapping the corresponding conversation. Then tap the small phone receiver icon at the top right of the screen. That is all there is free voice calling with WhatsApp on iPhone.

how to place a WhatsApp call on iPhone

You can mute your microphone, send a message while the call is ringing or active and put the conversation on speakerphone. Overall, the usage experience should not be very different from your regular “Phone” app, except for the possibly decreased cost and increased usage of your data allowance.

By the way, this is what an incoming call using WhatsApp Call looks like:

receiving a WhatsApp call on iPhone