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Texting While Walking App – Transparent Texting

Ever bump into a lamppost while texting? There’s a new app on the block and it allows you to stay safe when texting while walking. How does that work, you might ask? Well, the “Safe Walk” app works like a sort of x-ray feature or a window into reality while you are busy typing on your iPhone.

Instead of blocking your sight, the iPhone will actually display what is happening behind the screen. TheĀ “Safe Walk” app uses your iPhone’s camera to place your text onto a live background image of the currentĀ surroundings.

Walking and texting with a lower risk of injury

You can download the free app by going to the iTunes App Store and searching for “Safe Walk” or by following this link.

Once downloaded, launch it to start typing. Your text will be displayed as an overlay to whatever the camera is viewing. Depending upon your habits, you might have to readjust your posture a little bit. When finished, tap the “Share” button to send your text to the destination app, such as WhatsApp or iMessage or your “Mail” app.