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How to Tell Which Apps Are Draining Your iPhone Battery

Here’s a tutorial on how to identify apps that cause battery drain on your iPhone. Few iPhone users know that the main factor for battery drain is the display brightness. But even fewer know how to troubleshoot battery drain issues on their iPhone by asking one simple question. Why is my iPhone battery draining? Spoiler: Siri doesn’t know the answer. But lucky you, we do know how to¬†extend iPhone battery life.

The lifespan of your iPhone battery is measured in charge cycles, which means that additional drain will result in refilling and thus shortening the overall lifespan of the battery. In order to do everything to keep your battery happy, you should take a look at our iPhone battery guide over here.

Once you have the basics in place, it is time to take a look at the habits of your apps. Some of them might be straight up ferocious when it comes to eating up your battery life in no time, thus we need to check for misbehaving and power-hungry apps to make an informed judgement.

Analyzing the battery usage statistics on your iPhone

Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

Since the advent of iOS 8, we’ve been able to take a deep look into the energy management of your iPhone, which takes care of keeping your phone running for the longest possible amount of time. A new information panel has been added to your “Settings” app, so let’s open it right up and go to “General”, then “Usage”.

Scroll down a bit until you see a list of your most-used apps. The percentage indicates the amount of power each app has been using, either in the foreground or in the background. To optimize your battery life, consider disabling Background App Refresh for the power-hungry apps or replacing them with an alternative.

Typical apps that tend to drain a lot of battery on your iPhone: Facebook (consider using the website instead), 3D Games, Instagram, Spotify, Candy Crush.

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