Can I Charge My iPhone Overnight?

iPhone cable logoAlmost every iPhone user charges his or her smartphone overnight so that it is ready for use the next day. However, this is said to be associated with some dangers. The myth that recharging overnight and charging a device with a high battery level is harmful still persists. In this article we will get to the bottom of this rumor.

iPhone battery charges only up to 100%

The battery of the iPhone and also of any other smartphone can only be charged up to 100%, explains iPhone expert Jesse Hollington, who is among others an author at the Apple portal iLounge. This is due to the built-in charging circuit that is present in every lithium-ion battery. If the smartphone hangs on the socket overnight, it automatically switches to external energy as soon as the maximum charging capacity is reached. Thus, no damage can be caused by the dreaded “overcharging”.

iPhone charging in the dark

Beware of heat accumulation

However, when charging, you should make sure that your iPhone does not overheat. In general, lithium-ion batteries are a lot less complicated than their predecessors, but there is still the possibility of heat build-up, which can be dangerous for your battery. We therefore recommend not to place the smartphone on your bed or under a pillow when charging.

The rumor that an iPhone can be damaged by overcharging is therefore false. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the heat supply as long as the smartphone is plugged in – especially if you want to charge your iPhone overnight.