iCloud Folder Sharing On iPhone

iCloud logoIf you’re using Apple’s “Files” app, you probably already know that you can share files uploaded to iCloud Drive with others and share them for editing. For a long time this was only possible with single files. Now you can share entire iCloud folders with others. Let us show you how iCloud folder sharing works on the iPhone!

iCloud Drive folder sharing in “Files” app

Files app → Hold down folder → “Share” → “Add People” → Send invitation

With iCloud Drive folder sharing, you can give other people access to entire folders uploaded to iCloud Drive. This way, you can share and edit the contents of a folder with friends or colleagues. To do this, do the following:

1. First, open the Files app on your iPhone and hold down the folder icon until a context menu pops up. Then go to “Share”.

Share iCloud folder and add people

2. Now move the Share menu up and select the “Add People” option. At the next level, you can send an invitation to one or more contacts so they can access the folder and edit its contents. You can do this using, for example, WhatsApp, iMessage, or the Mail app.

Share iCloud folder and send invitation

3. At this point you can also change the access rights under “Share Options”. By default, only invited people can access the shared folder(s) and edit its contents. Alternatively, you can specify that anyone who has the share link can access it and/or specify that the content can only be viewed but not edited.

Share options for iCloud folder sharing

Once the recipient accepts the invitation, the shared folder will appear in their Files app. By the way, you can recognize shared folders by its icon.

Symbol for shared iCloud folders

Stop iCloud Drive folder sharing

Files app → Hold down folder → “Share” → “Show People” → “Stop Sharing”

To undo iCloud folder sharing, simply go back to the Files app, hold down the folder you want to share and select “Share”. In the Share menu, go to “Show People” and then press “Stop Sharing”. Here you can also change the access rights under “Share Otions”.

Stop iCloud folder sharing