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iPhone 6s Charging Speed slow? How to charge faster!

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are both endowed with slightly smaller batteries, in order to be able to fit the new 3D Touch feature as well as the Taptic Engine inside of the almost identical chassis. But overall, we are dealing with the former generation when it comes to battery life. You get the full day battery, just as you did with your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Here’s a guide on how to charge your iPhone 6s a lot faster (works just fine with the iPhone 6s, too).

Shortening the time needed for recharging your iPhone 6s

Seasoned iPhone veterans will know this trick, for it has been used successfully for ages. Instead of using the regular charger that comes with your iPhone 6s, try using an iPad charger (or USB Power Adapter). The power adapters that come with Apple’s tablets are able to output up to 12 Watts of energy, whereas the regular iPhone charger will only deliver around 5 Watts. Thus we can shorten the time that is required to fully charge your device. As opposed to older devices, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are able to draw the full amount of wattage from the iPad’s USB Power Adapter.

But I don’t have an iPad charger!

If you are not in the possession of an iPad charger or an iPad, don’t fall into despair just yet. You can purchase one of them seperately, e.g. via the Apple Store or through Amazon. Please make sure that you are not getting a counterfeit charger by verifying the origin. To learn more about how you can speed up your iPhone charging, check our guide for additional tricks.¬†And if you are battling the dreaded iPhone battery drain issues, see this troubleshooting guide.