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iOS 9 Update: Tips and Tricks

Well, that was quick! Apple’s new iOS 9 was just released today and we already have a bunch of useful information regarding the new operating system and its features for you. We suggest you check them all out, download the iOS 9 update and make the most of your device. Here are some iOS 9 tips and tricks everyone should know.

Top 7 features in iOS 9: Our overview

We handpicked seven of our most favorite new features and changes in iOS 9, highlighting changes from Siri to your “Mail” app and the brand new “Proactive Assistant”. Your iPhone has gotten a lot smarter, while gaining energy efficency and comfortable new features. Check out our overview if you are low on time or can’t wait to absorb all of the new details on iOS 9 and included apps.

Handoff on the Multitasking Screen

A slight change to how the “Handoff” feature is presented in your Multitasking View makes going back and forth between your Mac, iPad and iPhone extremely easy. Pick up where you left off. Whether you are writing an email and want to continue on your commute, or read that one engaging article on your favorite website on the couch rather than at your desk, Handoff is the way to go.

“Back to” last app button makes multitasking quicker

We all know the dilemma: You are browsing an Instagram feed, watching a YouTube video or checking your Facebook, when suddenly a couple of iMessages arrive. Then the lazyness sets in, perhaps you are even annoyed at having to switch between apps. The new “Back to” button makes things so much easier by sending you back to your last used app after dealing with the latest notifications and messages. Think of it as a global “Back Button”.

“Low Power Mode” is increasing your battery life

No charger in sight, low battery alert, important call waiting? Every iPhone user has dealt with an anxiety-inducing “dying battery crisis” in his past. Alas! Apple has made our lives so much easier again, by introducing the “Low Power Mode” or “Power Saving Mode” to iOS 9 and increasing battery life by up to two hours on a single charge. How does this sorcery work, you might ask? Well, see for yourself.