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How to Downgrade iOS 9.1 (Public Beta) to 9.0

Here’s a guide on how to downgrade iOS 9.1 (the current public beta) to iOS 9.0 without losing any of your data. You can, of course, just go the route of a regular iTunes restore to get back to a stable version of iOS, but that can and will cause problems with importing your latest backup. Our method is hassle-free and allows you to enjoy a downgrade while not having to part with the latest messages, files and contact details.¬†A tiny but effective trick enables the seamless downgrade process, follow the below steps to take advantage of it:

Downgrading iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0 (easy method)

First of all, create a backup in iTunes or iCloud, just in case you need it. Better to be safe than sorry. If you need help with creating such a backup, check out our iPhone backup guide. Next up, you will need to determine your iPhone model if you are using a 5s or older.

Step 1: Disable “Find my iPhone”

Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone

First of all, we need to prepare your device for the downgrade process. Go to your “Settings” app, select “iCloud” and look for the “Find my iPhone” feature at the bottom. Disable it and enter your Apple ID / iCloud password when prompted. This is a temporary step that needs to be in place, else we won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade via iTunes.

Step 2: Delete iOS beta profile

Settings > General > Profiles

Still in the “Settings” app, go back a few steps and select “General” from the main menu. Tap “Profiles” and delete the existing iOS beta profile in order to re-enable the installation of regular software updates.

Step 3: Reboot

press and hold: Home Button & Sleep / Wake Button

After the previous step has gone through, we need to reboot your device. Simply press and hold both your Home Button and the Sleep / Wake or Power Button until you see the Apple logo, then let go of both immediately. Your iPhone will take a minute or two to settle back into its regular operation mode.

Step 4: Download iOS 9.0 firmware (IPSW)

Visit the above link and pick your device from the list. Save the firmware file (IPSW) to your Mac or PC and take note of its location. Typically, it should appear in your “Downloads” folder. But depending on your browser settings or choices during the download process, it might be stored at a different location.

Step 5: Downgrade via iTunes

Alt/Option Key > Check for Update > select your IPSW file

Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac using the USB cable. Click the iPhone symbol at the top icon bar, then press and hold the Alt/Option key on your keyboard. Now click “Check for Update” and browse to the download location of the previous step, in order to select the IPSW file. No need to worry whether you’ve got the correct file for your model, iTunes will warn you if anything is going awry and your device is not, by any means, endangered by the process. Confirm any dialog windows and leave the iPhone connected until it reboots and greets you with the Lock Screen.

All done! Congratulations, you have now successfully downgraded your iOS 9.1 beta to the full version of iOS 9.0 while keeping all of your personal data intact.