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iOS 9 Jailbreak: How to “Semi Jailbreak” on iOS 9.0

Jailbreakers across the globe are hoping for the next big iOS 9 jailbreak, the faster it’ll come, the better. As you may know, jailbreaking is a cat and mouse game between the hackers exploiting the loopholes and Apple constantly patching them. Thus the time window for taking advantage of the added liberties of a jailbreak is quite limited. Cydia allows the installation of unsigned applications, tons of wallpapers, sounds and more. Through a so-called “semi jailbreak” for iOS 9, we can at least partake in some of the fun. The method for semi-jailbreaking your iPhone is a little different, other than unlocking the filesystem to a full extent, the hackers use enterprise certificates and a web portal to enable the exploit.

Note that the people behind, the iOS 9 semi jailbreak we are about to introduce to you, depend on donations for their servers and work. After installing the semi jailbreak, you will be prompted to kindly leave a small donation for their troubles. If you are still on iOS 8.4.0, your best bet is to go with the TaiG or Pangu jailbreak for your device. This will allow the largest scope of modification and ultimately the largest freedom with regards to your options. If you are on 8.4.1 or 9.0, try the below method. You will not require a PC or a Mac for this to work.

By the way: We do not condone piracy and suggest you only use the jailbreak for legitimate reasons, such as taking control of your device and customizing certain aspects of it, or adding features which you find lacking in the regular firmware. All of our guides are presented for informational purposes only. Consult your local jurisdiction if unsure.

How to (semi) jailbreak iOS 9

  • Open up your “Safari” app and enter the following URL or tap our link:
  • Check if your battery is holding enough charge, if not, plug your iPhone into a wall charger. Then tap “I agree to continue” to start the jailbreak process. Wait while the software is doing its magic.
  • Next up, you will be taken to the “Install Profile” page. Select “Install” to download and install the “Semi JB” App, then enter your Passcode to continue. Tap “Done” to complete the process.
  • Using the “Semi JB” app, we can now install the Cydia store or, alternatively, the vShare store. Note that the latter may contain problematic software in the form of regular apps, which we do not recommend to install. Stick with Cydia if you are unsure.

How to deal with errors

If an error similar to the error message on the image below pops up after installing vShare, simply dismiss the warning and go to your “Settings” app. Select “Profile” from the menu and look for the “Guangdong Adlo Group Co.,Ltd” profile, tap it and select “Trust” to fully enable vShare.