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“Slide to Upgrade”: iPhone Update Stuck (iOS 9)

Software updates can be tricky, iOS 9 is no different. Several users reported having issues concerning a “Slide to Upgrade” bug, which causes the iOS update or the entire phone to get stuck. The iPhone freezes while you slide your finger across the screen and your iPhone update won’t do anything anymore. Then the iPhone stops responding. What can we do about that?

If you are currently affected by this issue, check out the troubleshooting steps below that offer a fix for the “Slide to Upgrade” bug. They are taken from Apple’s official support database and should help you restore your device to a functional state.

iPhone frozen at “Slide to Upgrade”: How to fix

  • Hopefully, you still have a backup of your data. It is recommended to create an iTunes backup before conducting any kind of update procedure. If not, don’t worry, there is still a fix for you
  • Connect your iPhone via USB to a Mac or PC running iTunes which was used to sync the device at some point in time.
  • Open up iTunes of not already opened.
  • Check the icon bar at the top of the iTunes window. Do you see your device? If so, click the little iPhone icon to select it. If not, fully restart your iPhone now.

  • Once you’ve selected your iPhone, click “Restore iPhone”. Select one of your most recent backups and try to launch a restore. If you lack a current backup or any backup at all, try creating a backup and then restoring it. Sounds kind of funny, but it works.
  • If all else fails, restore your device via iTunes and choose to set it up as a new device in the dialog that follows the procedure.
Apple will soon release an update that hopefully fixes this annoying little issue for any affected users.