How to Disable “Shake to Undo” on Your iPhone

How to Disable "Shake to Undo" on iPhoneAfter making a typo, or seeing an unexpected autocorrect result, some people tend to shake their iPhone in frustration. Apple knows this: There is a “Shake to Undo” feature enabled by default. After shaking the iPhone, you will be greeted by a popup which asks you whether you really want to undo your entry. While this can be of use in certain situations, it can also be annoying when triggered by accident. Here’s a guide on how to disable the “Shake to Undo” feature on iPhone.

Why would I disable the feature?

If you are happy with “Shake to Undo”, then by all means keep it turned on. But if you are triggering the undo prompt by accident, perhaps due to shaky hands, expressive body language, medical conditions or while on a bumpy ride, you may opt to disable it to improve your user experience.

How to disable “Shake to Undo” shake gesture on iPhone

Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Shake to Undo

Go to your “Settings” app, select “Accessibility” and tap “Touch”. Scroll down a bit until you see the option titled “Shake to Undo”. Turn off the corresponding toggle and your iPhone won’t react to shaking while typing any more.

how to disable shake to undo on iPhone