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The Coolest New Siri Features for iPhone in iOS 9

There’s a bunch of new Siri commands in iOS 9, which is why we are presenting the following overview to you. Siri keeps on learning new things and has gotten a lot better with contextual queries in the latest big iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. You may have discovered some of the new Siri commands on your own, but we’re pretty sure that you will learn one or two really useful new tricks in this article. Keep reading to discover all of them! Here’s “what to ask Siri in iOS 9”, our full guide to the new features.

Context-sensitive, intelligent reminders

You can now have Siri remind you of more complex things, not just plain old text reminders. For instance, while reading an article, you can tell Siri to “remind me of this” and she will take you back to the exact web address when tapping the newly created reminder. You can even link this type of reminder to a specific location or time by mentioning one of the two factors. This works with a whole lot of Apple’s in-house apps such as Safari, Mail, Notes, Maps, Messages and more third-party apps are adding their support by the day.

Finding photos by searching for the date, place or album title

Siri is able to retrieve photos that were taken during a specific timespan when using iOS 9 and above. Try asking for “pictures taken in December 2014” and she will find the respective images in your “Photos” app. Another cool trick: Give Siri a location, ask her for “pictures taken in NYC” or have her retrieve a specific album by giving her the name of the album.

Using Siri as your unit converter and calculator

Ah, the good old metric system. An everlasting source of confusion for some of earth’s inhabitants. You can take that mathematical burden off your shoulders by asking Siri to convert any unit to another unit for you. Try “convert 15 miles to kilometres” and Siri will come up with the correct answer. This works with weights, volumes and all sorts of things. Another great feature is also new in iOS 9: Siri can process simple calculations and will probably make the “Calculator” app obsolete at some point. Ask her to multiply, divide, add or subtract or even for the square root of any number. Or, how about getting really scientific with Siri. She is aware of pi and other constants.

More detailed and smart information on your favorite sports team & the weather

Siri’s getting sporty! You can ask her for all sorts of precise information about your favorite team’s games, such as: “When is the next LA Lakers game?” or have her return any kind of sports results using just your voice. The weather forecast features were also revamped in iOS 9, which gives you the option to ask more complex questions. Try “will it rain in the next couple of hours?” or “will I need my umbrella during the week?”.

Navigating the App Store with Siri

Last but not least, Apple gave Siri the power to browse the App Store for you. Ask her to look for a specific app in the App Store, while mentioning the name of the app. The App Store should pop right up with the relevant results to your query.