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“Speed Dial” on iPhone: Recent Contacts

With the advent of iOS 9, Apple decided to move the “Speed Dial” on iPhone to another place. Your most recent contacts are now accessible as so-called “Siri Suggestions” and displayed together with other contextual information. In iOS 8, you had the option of hide your recent contacts from the app switcher, now they won’t be displayed there at all. Here’s how to access your favorite or most recent contacts quickly via the “Speed Dial” in iOS 9.

How to “Speed Dial” on iPhone (iOS 9)

This feature is not restricted to phone calls, by the way. You can send text messages, view contact information and call them via the new “Siri Suggestions”.

This feature is tied into the new “Proactive Assistant”, which keeps all of your most recently used apps handy and presents all sorts of other current or (location-wise) nearby information. It takes a little while to train this feature, which you can accomplish by simply using your iPhone just as you would normally do.

Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Siri Suggestions

First off, let’s check if you have all of the prerequisites for this trick enabled. Go to your “Settings” app and select the “General” section, then go to “Spotlight Search” and make sure that the “Siri Suggestions” are enabled. We need these to view the quick access panel for our contacts.

Also make sure that the “Contacts” toggle is enabled in the same spot, it’s part of the list below the main toggle. This list governs which features are allowed to be part of the smart suggestions.

How to quickly access your recent contacts

Go to your iPhone Home Screen, then swipe the first page away, to the right hand side of the screen. This will open the Spotlight Search, which you may know from previous versions of iOS.

What’s new is that you should spot four of your contacts, typically the most important people in your daily routine. These will change depending on your habits, as well as the current time and day.

Once you tap “Show More”, you will be able to view even more suggested contacts.

By tapping one of the entries, we can access the context menu and launch any of the default actions, such as calling, texting or viewing detailed info on the respective contact’s detail page.