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10 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 You Should Download

Apple’s App Store is the biggest of its kind, but it does not allow for certain types of software. Once you want to get into customization, feature enhancement or theming, the options offered by the official App Store are rather limited.

This is why jailbreaking gained so much popularity and a broad, diverse community of hackers and users. Cydia is the most common alternative to the iTunes App Store and today we’d like to present to you our 10 best cydia tweaks for your iPhone.

Cydia tweaks are software packages offered through the Cydia platform, which is only accessible through jailbreaking your iPhone. They can extend the functional spectrum of your device, remove certain annoyances or simply spice up the way iOS feels, looks or behaves, to put it simply.

Here’s a list of our current favorites.

10 best cydia tweaks for the iPhone (October 2015)

  • ColorBadges
    • ColorBadges modifies your icon badges on the Home Screen based on the colors found in the actual icon. This makes for a more colorful view and individualizes the visual appearance of your device.
  • ColorBanners
    • ColorBanners gives you the power to define the color of your Lock Screen notifications and banner notifications on iOS on an app-by-app basis.
  • Epicentre
    • A gorgeous replacement for the default Lock Screen passcode entry field. Numbers are placed in a circular arrangement, which not only looks great but can be helpful in creating muscle memory to remember your passcode.
  • KeyShortcut Pro
    • KeyShortcut Pro allows you to map all sorts of shortcuts, such as “Copy” and “Paste” or “Select last word” to your regular keys.
  • Docker
    • Add up to five additional icons to your iPhone dock.
  • Lockglyph
    • While unlocking your iPhone via Touch ID, a cool fingerprint animation is displayed on the screen.
  • SmartTap
    • Double-tapping the display turns the screen on and off, even if you put it into standby first. Works on iOS 7 and 8.
  • TapTapFlip
    • Quickly switch between the front and the back camera on your iPhone by double tapping the live preview in your “Camera” app.
  • ChargePulse
    • Makes your Status Bar pulse subtly but noticeably while charging. Quite soothing!
  • Battery Temperature
    • Replaces your battery percentage in the Status Bar with the current battery temperature, which gives you an advance warning should the device ever overheat in hot climates or extreme conditions.