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Apple Music: How to Customize Playlist Suggestions

“Hearting” artists, albums or tracks yields a personalized experience on Apple Music. Typically, the service is spot on in providing you with relevant music suggestions in the form of awesome playlists. Some of the time, however, some Kylie Minogue or other outlier manifests itself in your “For You” section.

You can either ignore unfitting suggestions, or improve and personalize your Apple Music feed by telling Apple Music that you don’t really like the latest picks. Future recommendations will take your wishes into account and Apple Music will be even more enjoyable with time. This is a tutorial on how to customize playlist suggestions on Apple Music.

How to personalize Apple Music via the “For You” tab

Music > For You > [tap and hold offending item] > I don’t like this suggestion

Open up your Apple “Music” app and go to the leftmost tab with the heart-shaped icon, titled “For You”.

Scan through your list of recommendations, then tap and hold any one of the inappropriate suggestions. A context menu should pop up. Now tap the “I don’t like this suggestion” button and Apple Music will remove the item from your list of suggestions.

Hint: To keep improving the suggestions by the Apple Music algorithm, make sure to “Heart” anything you like. This will give the program the much needed input to select the best possible playlists and artists for your taste.