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Apple Maps: Public Transport Planner

Apple Maps has been extended to include public transport directions on iOS 9 and can now be used to check subway or train departure times including warnings and delays. Here’s a guide on how to use your iPhone as a public transport planner and navigate the urban jungles of this world. The features work in most metropolitan areas and are continually extended to include new regions.

Using Apple Maps for public transport directions

Prerequisite: This guide only works for iOS 9 and above.

Planning your public transport route

Apple Maps includes directions for traveling by car, afoot and now even displays current public transport information when getting directions via the app. Simply enter your destination and use your current location as a starting point, or enter both the start and end of your route.

Open up the “Maps” app to begin. Enter your desired destination and tap the respective landmark icon or the arrow at the top left of the screen. In the case of a landmark, store or prominent place, tap “Directions” on its detail page.

Now enter your starting point, in case it deviates from your current location. You can also select “Work”, “Home” or “Favorites” as your starting points via the “Directions” screen. Then tap “Route” go continue.

Next up, we will be selecting the type of vehicle or transportation method we will be using. As we require directions for the public transport, we tap the “Transport” tab to get a list of currently viable options including the travel duration and possible incidents, at the bottom of the screen.

For more options, press the “More Routes” button. To start right away, hit the “Start” button.

On the “More Routes” screen, we can tap “Options” to get even more control with regards to our “Transport Options”, which include setting the departure time or the desired  arrival time. We can also restrict our travels to certain public transport vehicles, such as only picking the bus or subway. Leave everything checked for the fastest possible route, or adapt the list to only include your preferred mode of travel.



When finished, you will be prompted to follow the on-screen directions, which you can swipe left and right to flip through the different steps of your route.