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How to Change Your Passcode on an iPhone

Picking a memorable passcode for your iPhone is the best way to secure it from prying eyes and thieves. You don’t want to be in the situation of having forgotten your iPhone passcode, thus you should go ahead and change the default. Four digits are better than none!

Purpose of iPhone passcode

A passcode or four digit PIN is an extra layer of security for your iPhone. Enabling passcode security makes sure that no one can e.g. place a call from your iPhone without your permission. Everyone should at least have a basic passcode, unless the device never leaves the house. Setting a PIN also makes sure that your kids don’t go on a (possibly expensive) shopping spree in the iTunes App Store.

Your passcode plays a role in protecting your data, as the iPhone will ask for it after booting up, unlocking the screen or applying an iOS update and after fully resetting the device. Setting up a passcode is also beneficial to users of Touch ID, as you need a fallback solution for situations in which the fingerprint sensor does not work.

Disable passcode iPhone / Enable passcode iPhone

Settings > Phone > SIM PIN > (toggle button)

If your Phone came with a SIM card, chances are you already have a passcode. Your carrier might have given you a document with the code on it. Should you want to disable the passcode for your iPhone, simply deactivate the corresponding toggle as illustrated by this guide.

Enabling the passcode on your iPhone only takes a few steps, in essence it entails enabling a toggle button in the right spot. Open up the “Settings” app via your Home Screen or a Spotlight search. Tap the “Phone” section and finally hit “SIM PIN” to see the options page for your iPhone passcode, which holds the corresponding toggle.

How to change passcode on iPhone

Settings > Phone > SIM PIN > Change PIN

Changing your iPhone passcode or security PIN is as easy as navigating to the same settings panel as above. Hit “Change PIN” and you will be prompted to input the current passcode, if present. Otherwise you may set a four digit passcode via the numerical pad on this screen. Confirm by tapping “Done” in the top right corner.

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