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Find out if your iPhone 6s has a TSMC or Samsung chip

Apple uses two companies for the manufacturing of the Apple A9 chip which is found in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. There are certain performance differences between the two chips, albeit their practical impact is still a matter of discussion. Here’s how you can check if your iPhone 6s is equipped with a TSMC or Samsung chip using an app from outside the iTunes App Store.

Unfortunately, there is no official way that allows you to peek inside your device. Thus we have to rely on third-party developers such as Hiraku, who kindly provided a tool that outputs the manufacturer or type of your iPhone processor or system-on-chip (SoC). It is said that the TSMC chip uses less energy, while the Samsung chip causes battery drain for some users. But take that with a grain of salt until proper tests have emerged. If you are curious, like we are, try running the CPU Identifier app by Hiraku and check your results and the global stats.

Overall, the distribution is rather equal for the iPhone 6s, roughly half of the devices that have run the test app contain a Samsung chip. For the iPhone 6s Plus, it is only around 30 percent of the devices. The remaining 70 percent use TSMC hardware.

iPhone 6s: Samsung or TSMC chip? The diagnostic app

By the way: We can’t take responsibility for any damages incurred by using unofficial apps like these, try it at your own risk! But don’t worry, the app is generally considered as unproblematic.

First of all, we will need to install the “CPU Identifier” app, which is not available in the iTunes App Store. Grab it from this webpage instead:

How to install CPU Identifier on iPhone

Tap “Install” on the page, then confirm by hitting “Install” in the upcoming dialog. This will place the app on your Home Screen. It is almost ready to use, we will however need to activate the corresponding profile first, by trusting it.

Settings > General > Profiles > ShenZen > Trust

Go to your “Settings” app and tap “General”, then “Profiles” and finally tap the “ShenZen” profile in your list of enterprise apps. Then trust it by tapping the blue text on the subsequent screen.

Next up, we can launch the App from the Home Screen and let it figure out the processor brand. This should only take a moment.

Does my iPhone have the Samsung or TSMC chip?

Our result: TSMC. Depending upon your iPhone model, you might get different results. Scroll down to see a handy live statistic that displays the most recent data on how many users are using either the TSMC or Samsung version of the chip. 

Deleting the CPU Identifier app

When done, we recommend taking note of the result and then proceeding to uninstall the app from your iPhone, as it is no longer needed. Go to the same settings page (Settings > General > Profiles) and select the ShenZen profile, then “Delete App” to get rid of it. It is always good practice to clean up afterwards.