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Your iPhone Can Create 3D Photos Using “Phogy”

Here’s a cool trick that isn’t constrained to the latest and greatest of iPhone models: 3D photos or 3D effect images that are created with any regular old iPhone camera. While “Live Photos” are certainly great, they are limited to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. To cheer you owners of older devices up, or enrich the experience of 6s owners, we decided to show you a little trick that allows you to create 3D photos using iPhone.

How to create 3D photos on iPhone

Prerequisites: You will require iOS 7.0 and up for this trick to work.

Install the “Phogy 3D Parallax Camera” app

Head over to the iTunes App Store and search for Phogy, or click our download link below and install the free app. This app will allow you to shoot 3D photos using the parallax effect, which looks pretty impressive on any device.

How to take a 3D picture

Start the app and allow it to access your iPhone camera when prompted. You can select each of your cameras, while we recommend using the back-facing camera for best results and image quality. There is also a button for the LED flash, which you can use for additional lighting.

Here’s how to shoot a 3D photo:

  • Point your camera towards an interesting subject
  • Tap the camera button once
  • Move to the right while keeping your focus centered on the same object for the entire time and keep the distance roughly equal for best results

The default video duration is three seconds, while you can purchase a feature for recording longer clips via an in-app purchase. Shorter videos are free.

Viewing and sharing 3D photos

What good is a 3D photo you took with your iPhone if you can’t share it with your friends, right? Go to the “Gallery” tab in your Phogy app to view the clips, then tilt your iPhone left to right to experience the full effect. Here’s one we exported as an animated GIF for you:

Five icons in the upper toolbar trigger several options regarding an image, while the rightmost one is the most interesting one for our purposes. You can tap it to share the image in three formats: Phogy (requires the app on the receiving end), MP4 video and GIF. The latter two work on any device. Pick any one of the formats to share your video.

The familiar sharing dialog will pop up, giving you the option to share the image using iMessage, Mail or AirDrop or save it to your “Photos” app.