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How to Lock iPhone Orientation to Stop Screen Rotation

Nifty feature: Your iPhone senses rotation, or more precisely its orientation, in the real world using its sensors and adjusts the screen accordingly.

Tilt it to the side and the display switches into landscape mode. Return it to an upright position and resume using it comfortably with one hand. Unfortunately, this smart little feature may get in the way of your everyday usage. Lucky for you: There is such a thing as an iPhone screen rotation lock.

By enabling the iPhone screen rotation lock, we ensure that the screen does not rotate with the device. This might come in handy when watching videos in the bed or on a sofa, as you can rotate the screen to landscape mode and lock the rotation. Now you can roll over to the side and enjoy hassle-free entertainment, your screen will stay in the current mode as long as the rotation lock is engaged.

iPhone screen rotation lock: How to enable/disable

Control Center > Orientation Lock Button

Turning on the rotation lock on your iPhone is easily accomplished from just about anywhere. Simply swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen, which will open the “Control Center”. Tap the “Orientation Lock” button, easily discernible through its lock-shaped icon. Usually this button is found on the far right of the set of circular icons in your Control Center. Now your screen orientation is locked. To unlock, simply tap the button again.

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